Specialty Cakes Will Bring a Smile to Clients’ Faces and Something Yummy to Their Tables

Clients are very important to companies. They’re the foundation upon which all the aspirations and success of a business rest. With all the competition around, gaining clients can be difficult, and keeping them can be even harder, especially when the competition has lower prices or a larger variety. However, the truth is that most clients prefer a business that appreciates them and works with them, rather than a business that is cheaper. One way you can show your clients that you appreciate them is by giving them a gift like a specialty cake.

A specialty cake is a classy and delicious way of saying “Thank you for doing business with us.” Most companies will send a card during the holidays, or maybe send a personalized letter after a big interaction with a client. This is the normal way of thanking a client for doing business with your company. Clients don’t generally expect to receive gifts from the companies they do business with, so they’re bound to smile and feel really good when they receive a specialty cake from your company.

Specialty cakes aren’t just a gift to the client; they’re a gift to the client’s family as well. They’re the perfect addition to your client’s table at dinnertime, or a great snack with a cup of coffee. They’re wonderful to slice up and pack as a surprise in their kid’s lunchbox, or to pack in their own lunchbox as an awesome treat during the day. A specialty cake shows your client that you not only appreciate them, but you want to extend well wishes to their family as well. Any client is sure to appreciate a gesture like that, and an appreciative happy client is a loyal client.

Specialty cakes are high quality and delicious. You can order a specialty cake straight from the website’s inventory, or you can have one custom-made and designed to your specific needs. Specialty cakes are budget friendly and arrive fresh at your doorstep. Speaking of “at your doorstep,” you can certainly have the specialty cake delivered directly to the client, but your specialty gift will be much more genuine and appreciated if you deliver it in person with a few heartfelt words. If hand-delivering is not always possible, it is wise to include a note with the specialty cake telling the client who sent it and the reason why. The clearer you are, the clearer it will become to the client that you really appreciate them and want to continue doing business with them.

Word of mouth is a very strong advertising medium. If your current clients feel appreciated and valued, they’re more likely to tell other people about how great your company is, thus gaining you more clients. Your company might not be the cheapest out there, have the most stunning variety, or cater to high-profile celebrity clients; however, by showing your clients your appreciation, your company will be top-dog at gaining new clients and keeping the ones you already have

How to Make the Most Use of Specialty Cake Picture Galleries?

Cakes are unavoidable in all pleasant situations. Many of you might have loved to make those specialty cakes on your own. Some of you might have attempted but failed miserably. To overcome these problems, you can make use of specialty cake picture galleries.

There are quite a number of sites that provide up-to-date information about new specialty cakes. These specialty cake picture galleries are like a feast to the lovers of cake. If you are interested in cake making, it will be a great idea to get in touch with these pages. It will guide you to the world of exquisite cakes. The designs on display will give you excellent idea on the preparation of cakes. You can make the most out of these sites.

Get Variety Of Ideas:
Many of us have tasted the same cake over the years. Now it is time for a change. You can make varieties of cakes from the comfort of your home. The sites will help you to get innovative ideas that kindle your creativity. You will get excellent ideas for various occasions like birthday, wedding, etc.

Get All Details:
Most people will go through the recipe instead of actually watching the picture. The fact is that you will get a complete idea about the cake only if you have seen the picture in detail. After the preparation of the cake, you can compare it with the picture and make necessary corrections if needed. You may not be able to succeed in the first attempt. But it is easy and with the help of the methods that are described, you can make it a wonderful one. The picture will give you a fair idea about the outcome of the work.

Get The Cake:
Cake making, being an art, requires lot of tries. So it is quite hard to get the best output in the first attempt itself. In such case, you can order these cakes online, thus avoiding any risks.

There are innumerable ways of grabbing the benefits of specialty cake picture galleries. You can start browsing for the pictures now, try making it at home and enjoy the taste of it. You can compare prices of it and place order if you wish to taste something that is really great.

Introduce Them to Your Products Through the Use of a Specialty Cake

One of the challenges of being in the corporate world is finding new ways of doing things, and this includes corporate gifting. Relatively new in the field of corporate gifts is the specialty cake. This is an incredible idea because it incorporates everything you would want to give and receive. For instance, if you are familiar with your clients’ interests and hobbies, you can have the specialty cake designed to look like that hobby, for example a particular sport or craft. Plus, with the specialty cake, you get the added advantage of giving something to eat!

One can even keep using these cakes as gifts and never have to worry about becoming boring because of the vast number of ideas one can come up with in design and flavor. It could even serve as a bonding tool between you and your clients as they wait in eager anticipation for the next round of specialty cake gifts.

The Basic Ingredient of an Excellent Specialty Cake

The most important ingredient in any food is its taste. You need to find the best baker in your area. This shouldn’t be that difficult because there are many bakers, amateurs and professionals who would be willing to take you on as a corporate client. By contracting one baker, you can negotiate for a lower price if you are willing to order in volume and promise to keep the baker as a regular supplier under agreed terms.

How to Make Your Cake Design Choices

Picking the right cake has several steps. Aside from the appearance, you will also have to make decisions on cake flavors, icing flavors, d├ęcor, packaging, delivery, occasion, and message. For instance, you may want to stick to the basic choices in cakes like decadent chocolate or butter cakes with fancy icing and decorations. You may also decide on an ice cream cake or a dozen mini cakes with a certain theme. If you hear of a client who is celebrating a milestone event like a 25th anniversary, you could send a specialty cake using that theme complete with silverware for two.

Your choices on all these decisions should be moderated by your budget. It would be unwise to spend more than you can afford since it’s possible to impress with less flamboyance, focusing more on the significance of your business relationship and the occasion. In fact, make your specialty cake gift be a gift of quality over quantity.

Bring Your Business into the Forefront with Gifts

Don’t hesitate to put your company logo somewhere on the packaging. The whole purpose is to relate your business with the client. You can choose to make your logo obvious but that would put more importance on your company than on the recipient. Thus, an equal footing would be more acceptable or even better; a small logo on one corner of the specialty cake would create the image of elegant discretion.

Finally, when planning your specialty cake gifts, try to keep it simple instead of complicated, meaningful instead of obvious, and personalized instead of generic.

Why Specialty Cake Pans Make Your Life As a Baker So Much Easier

Cake Pans come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials – from traditional to specialty pans, miniature pans to wedding cake pans, made from metal or silicone.

Traditional Cake Pans
Every baker, even the home and hobby baker should have a selection of baking pans. Traditional 8″ or 10″ round pans are essential for 2-layered birthday cakes. Rectangular pans are used for sheet cakes. A spring form usually consists of two pieces, the bottom and the ring that attaches around it. Contrary to the one piece pans they make the removal of the cake extremely easy. Pans for a Bundt cake look like an inverted flower pot with a cylinder in the center. Usually they will give the cake a wavy pattern on the outside surface.

Specialty Cake Pan Designs
While cakes from traditional pans require some decorating skills to make them an eye-catcher, this job can be made easier by using specialty cake pans.

Three Categories of Specialty Pans
1) Shaped Pans cause the batter to set in a certain form while baking so that no sculpturing or carving is necessary to make the cake match a desired theme. These pans are produced in shapes of cars, animals, or different kind of fruit. They are especially popular for birthdays to match the interests of the celebrated person.

2) Character Pans replicate the images of favorite TV show or movie characters. Children often make requests to have a cake in the form of their most-liked hero, toy, or cartoon character. It is important to keep in mind that most of these character pans are licensed and these cakes cannot be made for sale.

3) Three dimensional pans allow giving your shaped cake additional spin. Often they are come as two parts. The two cakes you get are then “glued” together with buttercream or royal icing. With this technique perfectly ball shaped cakes, or cakes in the form of a giant cupcake can be created with relative ease.

Specialty Cake Pan Materials
Traditionally most baking pans were made from metal, but also glass or ceramic forms can be found. Now many metal cake pans are produced with a non-stick surface to ease the removal of the cake from the form. It is still recommended to grease the pan using baking spray or brushing some oil and sprinkling flour onto the pan to ensure that you will be able to get out the cake after baking.

A small revolution was brought on with the introduction of silicone cake pans. Because of their bendable structure removing a cake is no problem anymore. In order to give your silicone form support it is suggested to place it on a baking sheet when filling in the batter and baking.

Adjusting Batter Amounts for Specialty Cake Pans
Any type of cake can be baked in a specialty cake pan but it is important to fill in the right amount of batter. At first measure out the volume of your specialty cake pan by filling it with water. Compare this with the size of pan called for in the recipe. Conversion rates can also be found online. As a general guideline any kind of pan should only be filled half way.

There is no need to adjust the oven temperature but the baking times will most likely vary. Deeper pans will require more time. However, you should check the cake at the time indicated in the recipe and in five minute intervals from thereon. When the cake is ready it will spring back if you press the surface gently and an inserted toothpick will come out with only dry crumbs on it and no wet batter.

If your cake pan is more shallow than the one required in the recipe start checking the cake at half of the indicated time.