Three Reasons Why You Should Join a Specialty Cake Design School

Specialty cake design is an art. With some effort, anyone can do it and master it. More than the money, the satisfaction a person gets from the making it is more important. Preparing a unique cake for a birthday or marriage is great fun.

Specialty cake design involves a lot more than butter, flavor, flour, and frosting. A good design is worth more than any other thing. It is the center of action in a birthday or wedding ceremony. To make a good wedding or birthday cake, it needs elements of architecture, creativity, art, culinary expertise, and engineering. A good wedding cake transforms the wedding into a great experience. If you are interested in making good cakes for occasions, you may better get trained from some of the experts in the field.

If you are really creative, then you may not need to go to anywhere to find anything. However, most people do need the help of some professionals. Here are the three reasons for which you need to go to a school.

The specialty cake design schools let you know a lot about innovative designs. You will be able to determine an overall idea about the preparation of a cake. Moreover, special sessions will be there for color combinations, floral decorations, themes, etc. Combination and contrast occupy a great deal of importance. It will be a good idea if you get the advice of experts in matters like this.

Secondly, you need to be precise in your baking. Whatever be the external appearance, you will be appreciated only if the cake is exceptionally good. So you need to prepare the cake in a special way. The mixes should be of right choice and you need all the accessories with you to make it. A good specialty cake design school will tell you all about the different methods of preparation.

Frosting and ornamentation are two other important areas that are to be considered. The visual texture of the cake is done through frosting. Ornamentation is about the theme of the party. With the help of innovative ornamentation, you can make the occasion a pleasant one. Only a specialty cake design school can teach you this technique.

Thus, specialty cake design schools will provide you with some useful tips and some practical experience in the making of excellent cakes for different occasions, which no other method of learning can provide.

Start a Cake Decorating Business For Fun & Profit

Start a cake decorating business if you are looking for something different in the line of home based businesses. Do you have time and creativity? Cake decorating allows you flexible time and the freedom to be artistic in a consumer filled field.

People have special occasions all the time that they celebrate with specialty cakes. Think of all the times you have purchased cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other events and you will soon see how this could be a fun and lucrative career. Cake decorating businesses are also simple to start and requires little overhead. Most of the essentials for a home based business of this kind are very inexpensive and easy to come by. If you possess an oven and a microwave, you are already on your way to success.

If you have ever made cakes before, you are already ahead of the game. Do you have children in daycare or school? Think of all the birthday parties you go to in a year and you will see how this occasion alone can be profitable. Most parents today have never even made a cake, preferring to purchase one that is already baked and decorated.

You would be fulfilling a service that these parents are already taking advantage of in the retail market. A home based cake business can bring in business for graduations, weddings, baby showers, Easter, Christmas, and many more occasions and holidays throughout the year. Once it is known that you have quality service and beautiful cakes, your schedule will fill every month.

There are a variety of sources you can draw from when choosing materials and supplies after you start a cake business. The Internet is an invaluable source of ideas, as well as magazine publications and specialty cookbooks. You will need some specific cake decorating tools of the trade such as baking pans, icing flutes, spatulas and of course cake mixes and basic instructions on the decorating process.

All of these items can be found at your local department stores and on the Internet. Specialty items, such as wedding toppers and the like are easily found on the Internet as well. There are cake decorating lessons available at many trade schools and there are even some available on the web. In some cities, there are dedicated cake decorating schools. Professional cake decorating is taught in some groceries as well. Once learned, there is no end to the cake decorating opportunities available to you. This fun and fulfilling career can be started with minimal monetary investment and your dedication.

You may find that word of mouth advertising will do you sufficiently in the beginning, with fantastic results. Word of mouth is still a very powerful tool in any kind of business. Often, one happy local customer can breed several referrals and steady income. Remember, people are already purchasing this service somewhere else, why not you?

Don’t forget that the Internet is also a great way to get your business known. If you are looking to increase your scale and expand your services once you are successful, the Internet provides a great advertising outlet for a cake decorating business. Having a web site to view your creations will go a long way in helping people recognize you and your work. This can also help your local customers learn about your skill and see your product before purchasing, without having to go to the store. If you take orders online, they may not even need to call you. At this point you are providing a service to them without them even having to leave the comfort of their home.

Cake decorating is a trade that is going to be around forever. A little training and a little practice will provide you with a rich career, full of fun and satisfaction. Opening a home based cake business will provide you with regenerative income, freedom over your schedule, and the joy of customer satisfaction.

How to Make Charming Specialty Wedding Cake Designs

Everything is special about wedding, so is wedding cake. The people who attend a wedding give as much attention to the cake as given to the couple. The most important part of this cake is its decoration. Toppers and icing are used for the decoration. Natural and artificial flowers are also widely used for this decoration.

Specialty wedding cake designs are to be taken seriously. There are various types cakes. Some couples may prefer a unique specialty cake design for their weddings. They insist on a design never used before to enable it to stand out for the special and memorable event of their lives.

Whatever design you choose, the design should express the couple. The design should translate their vision. Moreover, they should also be works of art.

Here are three ways of ensuring a charming cake design.

Specialty wedding cake design: No compromise on design. Go for the professional hand. Go to the baker who is specialized in specialty wedding cake designs. Ask the baker to show the picture gallery. You will see dozens of pictures in the folder the baker provides. These pictures are of real cakes already made. Select the one which you think is most suitable for you. Ask the baker to make some changes in the design you selected so that it will look unique. You may decide on the size of the cake or leave it to the baker to decide to accommodate all the details of the design.

Wedding cake toppers: A topper is an important part of a specialty cake design. In most cases, the exact replica of the couple is represented in a couple of figurines on top of the cake. At least at some weddings, the topper used is the heirloom of the bride’s family and it is repeatedly used by them for every wedding in the family. There are several types of toppers like military toppers, crystal toppers, and monogram toppers.

Wedding cake charm: Pulling out a charm from the layers of the cake by the bridesmaid is a very old tradition. The charm is the symbol of good luck. It is placed in the cake and is attached to a satin ribbon.

Give a new dimension to the cake concept which is followed in every wedding for ages.

Specialty Cakes

Specialty cakes can enhance all your celebrations – from birthdays to weddings, graduation parties or showers. Customized cakes are a guaranteed eye-catcher and will with certainty fascinate your guests. They make for a stunning center piece during your party and serve as delicious dessert at the end – all in one.

No birthday is complete without a birthday cake and candles. But you don’t have to be satisfied with a boring sheet cake and just candles on top. Customized specialty cakes come in all shapes and colors. If you can think it the experienced baker or pastry chef can make it. Surprise the soccer fan with a soccer ball cake. You think it will be a flat circle? With modern cake pans even a three dimensional soccer ball specialty cake is possible.

Who said wedding cakes have to be all white? A specialty wedding cake can be customized to match the color theme of the decorations at the locations of your wedding reception. The tiers can be stacked on top of each other or displayed separately on a stand with varying level heights. The newest wedding trend are groom’s cakes. Often they are customized to suit the groom’s interest and taste. How about a cake sculptured as his favorite car?

Furthermore, the cakes of a great cake artist don’t only look fantastic but will also enchant you and your guests with their terrific taste. Specialty cakes come in all kinds of flavors. Aside from the classic vanilla or chocolate cake – how about a mix of both in a marble cake? A current popular choice is red velvet cake. The vibrant color takes captive the eyes of your guests and its chocolate flavor their taste buds. Do you like carrot cake? A specialty cake can be designed even in this rich and fruity flavor.

These cakes usually have a number of layers. In between all these layers are fillings. They can be filled with one or a variety of flavors, since there are a number of layers to fill. Buttercream fillings in its range of flavors are a classic, as are fruit preserve fillings. They can even be filled with your favorite fruit and whipped cream. And as a contemporary variation a specialty cake can be filled with light mousse fillings in flavors like chocolate or lemon-yogurt.

Cake artists use a variety of materials to create your customized specialty cake. Next to cake and filling in your favorite flavor they work with buttercream, fondant, gumpaste, marzipan, or modeling chocolate. You can use real flowers to decorate your customized cake but sugar artists know how to manipulate sugar dough to create edible sugar flowers that are hard to distinguish from real ones.

Are you convinced yet that your next party or celebration can be brought to a new level with a specialty cake?