Introduce Them to Your Products Through the Use of a Specialty Cake

One of the challenges of being in the corporate world is finding new ways of doing things, and this includes corporate gifting. Relatively new in the field of corporate gifts is the specialty cake. This is an incredible idea because it incorporates everything you would want to give and receive. For instance, if you are familiar with your clients’ interests and hobbies, you can have the specialty cake designed to look like that hobby, for example a particular sport or craft. Plus, with the specialty cake, you get the added advantage of giving something to eat!

One can even keep using these cakes as gifts and never have to worry about becoming boring because of the vast number of ideas one can come up with in design and flavor. It could even serve as a bonding tool between you and your clients as they wait in eager anticipation for the next round of specialty cake gifts.

The Basic Ingredient of an Excellent Specialty Cake

The most important ingredient in any food is its taste. You need to find the best baker in your area. This shouldn’t be that difficult because there are many bakers, amateurs and professionals who would be willing to take you on as a corporate client. By contracting one baker, you can negotiate for a lower price if you are willing to order in volume and promise to keep the baker as a regular supplier under agreed terms.

How to Make Your Cake Design Choices

Picking the right cake has several steps. Aside from the appearance, you will also have to make decisions on cake flavors, icing flavors, d├ęcor, packaging, delivery, occasion, and message. For instance, you may want to stick to the basic choices in cakes like decadent chocolate or butter cakes with fancy icing and decorations. You may also decide on an ice cream cake or a dozen mini cakes with a certain theme. If you hear of a client who is celebrating a milestone event like a 25th anniversary, you could send a specialty cake using that theme complete with silverware for two.

Your choices on all these decisions should be moderated by your budget. It would be unwise to spend more than you can afford since it’s possible to impress with less flamboyance, focusing more on the significance of your business relationship and the occasion. In fact, make your specialty cake gift be a gift of quality over quantity.

Bring Your Business into the Forefront with Gifts

Don’t hesitate to put your company logo somewhere on the packaging. The whole purpose is to relate your business with the client. You can choose to make your logo obvious but that would put more importance on your company than on the recipient. Thus, an equal footing would be more acceptable or even better; a small logo on one corner of the specialty cake would create the image of elegant discretion.

Finally, when planning your specialty cake gifts, try to keep it simple instead of complicated, meaningful instead of obvious, and personalized instead of generic.