Seven Ways to Be Successful in Your Specialty Cake Bakery Business

Specialty cake bakery is a convenient and promising business you can start from home. You can do the baking at your own home and sell the products online or to the local community. The selling cost, like advertisement, is at a minimum. Even with all these advantages, many fail miserably because of not following certain golden rules. Follow the seven golden rules and you can see success at your doorsteps.
• Take heed to the exact requirement: Customers’ satisfaction is an important component for the success of any business. You have the advantage of being in contact with every customer. So you can cater to the needs of every client. Customers give more importance to their requirements rather than technical perfection.
• Difference is in small details: You must attend to the smallest detail of the requirement of the customer. A satisfied customer will return to you next time. If not satisfied, the customer will try another seller.
• Make them unique/highly customized: It is a home-based baker’s privilege to make every piece a unique one. A surprise addition without additional cost will be very much valued by the customer.
• Deliver on time: Keeping the time is very important. At least in some cases, a delivery received late may be of no worth to the customer. That will drive off the customer from you forever. Deliver large and delicate cakes at the home of the customer to avoid damage. The customer also will be very much pleased.
• Marketing: Strike up a nice conversation with your customers. Remind them of the celebrations coming up in their homes and secure the order for the cake in time.
• Be truthful: Put real pictures of your cakes in your website – don’t choose from Google images. People compare their cake with what is shown in your site. Don’t give them a chance to get disappointed.
• Other services: Give samples for tasting at the time of placing the order itself. If a prospective client contacts you through your website, ask him/her to come over to your place or offer to visit their place yourself, if that is convenient to them.

Read the above-mentioned points carefully and do a remorseless self-examination. Will you be able to fit into this frame? If yes, go right into the business. You will succeed for sure.

Make the Evening Special by Ending It With a Specialty Cake

Special evenings are wonderful in and of themselves, but ending your big night with a specialty cake can really make your evening pop. By selecting a cake that fits in with the event and personalizing the gift, you’re bound to be branded a top gift-giver.

Whether you’re having dinner with your significant other, congratulating your child on graduating, or getting ready to close a family gathering, the ending to the evening is often just as important as the evening itself. It’s the grand finale, so to speak; the fireworks at the end of a big celebration or the big orchestral song at the end of an epic movie. Endings are important, and ending your evening with a special cake can help make your evening truly special.

Specialty cakes are the sophisticated cousins to those frosted cakes you see at your local grocery store’s bakery. They come in flavors that are more mature than just chocolate, yellow, or marble. They often contain fruit, nuts, all-natural ingredients, organic ingredients, and spices not normally found in your average run-of-the-mill cake. Flavors like amaretto, chocolate cranberry, and tropical fruit are some really popular. Since these cakes are so sophisticated compared to `normal’ cakes, they make for a much nicer ending to a special evening than the average cake would. A specialty cake says, “I care enough about you to give you the best.” A grocery store cake says, “I got this half-price because it was made four days ago.” Which statement would you rather get across?

Specialty cakes are often unexpected. They usually surprise whoever is lucky enough to receive one, and they’re a very welcome sight. They are probably one of the food gifts that people really hope to receive but rarely ever do. By giving a one of these treats, you’re securing your spot in the recipient’s mind as a top-gift giver who is thoughtful and creative.

For an even more impressive ending, select a cake that fits in with the theme of the evening. It can be hard to find the perfect cake to fit a specific but it is possible. One way to do this is to choose a cake that matches well with the food that has been served at the event, or a specialty cake that provides something the event hasn’t had yet. If your special evening was a cookout full of hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad, you might opt for a fruitcake to give a taste of some juicy fruit. If your evening has been really healthy, maybe you’d like to go for a more decadent cake like chocolate. The choice is entirely up to you.

Another way to make the end to your evening more impressive is to add a personal touch to the cake, preferably in a way that relates to the event. All you really need to do is add a personalized card or note saying “Happy Anniversary,” “Congratulations,” or any other message relating to what the special evening was all about. By adding a personalized touch, you’re showing how much you care.

Ending your special evening with a specialty cake can really make the evening wonderful and unforgettable. With a little shopping savvy and personal thought, you’re bound to be a winner on your big night.

Your Wedding Cake on a Budget

Getting your cake from a bakery that specializes in wedding cakes can be a major wedding expense for you. That’s especially true if you expect to serve a sizable number of people. Some cakes can cost as high as $1500 from some specialty shops. In fact it is not uncommon for prices to begin in the $500 range if a special design is ordered. The good news is that getting the perfect cake on a budget is not impossibility.

The first thing you need to do is to determine just exactly how many people you expect to give cake to at your wedding reception. As a general rule, expect to get approximately 16 pieces out of the average 9 inch layer cake. Depending on the size of the piece, some cakes can provide significantly more pieces than a regular round cake.

Once you have the number of people firmly in mind, check with a bakery at your local grocery store to see what kind of cakes they can provide. In many instances these cakes will be far cheaper than something created by a specialty bakery. They have experience creating cakes so they can give you a far better idea of how many pieces you can expect to get out of each type of cake. Unlike specialty cakes which uses a special frosting known as a fondant that is hard in texture, those created by your grocery store are likely to have some form of butter cream frosting. This is closer to the traditional frosting found in a homemade birthday cake. It is possible to make decorations like flowers and have writing on the cake just like one that would be made for a birthday or other occasion.

Another possibility to get a wedding cake on a budget is to take advantage of any bakers in your family. Rather than giving you a wedding present, they can make the cakes and decorating them as their wedding contribution. As an addendum to this, if you have a large family, several people can contribute cakes which can be used to reception. Be sure to give them plenty of time to complete the cakes. Be sure to specify what flavor of cake and frosting you’d prefer. If you are renting a hall that does not have catering services, you can assign some of those who make the cakes to cut them at the appropriate time.

Two alternatives to give you a “wedding cake” on a budget is to make one using layers of your favorite donuts or cupcakes. More and more brides are choosing this instead of the traditional style cake because it’s easier for guests to take individual pieces, and it may mean a traditional cake is not required at all. As another option some brides have decided to ask family members to bring an assortment of treasured family dessert items like cookies, cookie bars, and pies to serve to the guests for the reception. This way, no one person has to bear the brunt of the expense. As you can see, with a little creativity finding a wedding cake on a budget can easily be done.

To your beautiful wedding!

Rolled Fondant – The Hot New American Cake Icing

Rolled fondant is a dense smooth white sugar mass, comparable to a pie dough used for decorating cakes. Rolled Fondant can be rolled and draped over a cake. Fondant originates from the word “fondre” which means to dissolve and is named so because it melts in your mouth when eaten. Fondant may be used as a modeling paste or to construct wedding cakes and fondant cakes for all occasions. Fondant is somewhat new to this country and has been gaining in recognition over the last ten years or so. Rolled Fondant has been well-known in Europe and other countries for decades. The influence is spreading here as availability of prepared Fondant grows. Rolled Fondant is sold to the baking and foodservice industry in 20 lb., 5 lb. and 2 lb. pails. Rolled Fondant products should be stored in a sealed container and will last for up to one year.

This is what the professionals do to prepare their Rolled Fondant. After removing your Fondant from the container, separate the product into smaller pieces and situate in mixing bowl with dough hook. If you coat or spray the bowl and hook with a vegetable shortening this will put a stop to the icing from sticking and allow trouble-free removal of product once mixed. Mix on slow speed for 1-2 minutes, kneading the icing to a smooth even uniformity. Color or flavor may be added prior blending. Of course, you can kneed the dough by hand if you do not have a mixer. Memo: Comparable to chewing gum, the gums in Rolled Fondant turn out to be more flexible and extendable once worked, this is why it is essential to knead well before rolling out.

The adding of extra gum will make the icing more extendable, and will also trigger the product to dry faster. Ready-made Gum Paste (gumpaste) is available for this purpose and is perfect for the production of sugar flowers and more. Gum Paste flowers can also be made well in advance of use.

Regular climate temperature changes may necessitate the icing to be softened or made a little stiffer. If you sense the need to stiffen the product, knead into the dough a little powdered sugar. The addition of a couple drops of glycerin to the fondant will soften the icing during the colder winter months, however once the product is stored at room temperature no add-ins or product changes should be needed.

Any time your Rolled Fondant remains exposed to the air it will dehydrate, therefore it is very essential that the storage of it is proper. I suggest storing it in the original bucket after use. Your covered cakes can be refrigerated and/or frozen. When doing so the cake should be kept covered or packaged, as refrigerated units often have elevated humidity which may trigger water condensation on top of the cake surface.

This is a great tool approximately determine how much fondant you will need to properly cover a cake. – Cake Diameter 6″ Net Weight Required 10 oz. – Cake Diameter 8″ Net Weight Required 12 oz. – Cake Diameter 10″ Net Weight Required 18 oz. – Cake Diameter 12″ Net Weight Required 24 oz. – Cake Diameter 14″ Net Weight Required 48 oz.

Here are the typical ingredients for white/vanilla Rolled Fondant. Each manufacturer is different so do not take the following as exact fact. Sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, flavorings, gum tragacanth, titanium dioxide glycerine, cellulose, corn starch, potassium sorbate, acetic acid. The majority are also manufactured with Zero grams Trans Fats, Zero grams Cholesterol, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, and containing no animal-derived ingredients. Verify each label to make certain it is Certified Kosher.

Beautiful creations prepared with Rolled Fondant have become progressively more popular with consumer and are highly rewarding to the baker. Some of the well known and celebrated cake designers and sugar artists use Rolled Fondant and Gum Paste. These products can be seen on cable and satellite TV food shows such as “Ace of Cakes” (Food Network), “Cake Boss” (TLC), “Food Network Challenge”, “Ultimate Cake Challenge” (TLC). The finest cake shops, bakeries and patisseries use Rolled Fondant and Gum Paste products to achieve their works of edible art.

There is one brand of Rolled Fondant manufactured in the United States. The name of this company is Satin Fine Foods. Their products are made with the flavor of Americans kept in mind. Their signature flavor is unmatched. In my opinion it has excellent elasticity/flexibility when rolled out, unproblematic to handle and seemingly unbreakable. The satin-fine texture allows it to be rolled awfully thin. The product is certified Kosher Pareve.

After modeling the decorations, your pieces will dry just as you planned for. A high-quality Rolled Fondant will not over dry and crack. A high-quality Rolled Fondant seals the cake, keeping it moist and fresh while also increasing the shelf life of the cake. The completed cake may be refrigerated or frozen as soon as it is covered.

To conclude I want to explore growing your profit margins with usage of Rolled Fondant. With expenses well below that of dairy products used in buttercream blends, the profit margin has grown for bakeries offering specialty cake products using Rolled Fondant. The item produces the quality, elegant looking cake which is gaining in popularity in the baking industry as well as the retail sector.

For more information pay a visit to your nearby oasis cake decorating supply store.